Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Most Popular Tea of Low Price in 2011

Tea of low price doesn't necessarily equal to the bad ones. On the contrary, many kinds of cheap tea are good in quality. They are always there for us to find them. ViconyTeas pay much attention to those teas as they are the teas sold in big quantity every year. According to our sales statistics, we listed the most popular tea of low price in 2011 as following. They are not all the cheap teas dealt by us but those meeting both of the requirements:

1. Much popular and greatly acclaimed by our customers.
2. Low price and no more than USD35/KG

Popular Low Price Black Tea

DX24  Keemun Mao Feng  USD32/KG

DHC24 Dian Hong Gift Tea USD25/KG

LAW57 Lapsang Souchong Waishan USD19/KG

Popular Low Price Green Tea

HYW01 Huangshan Yunwu Tea USD35/KG

 Popular Low Price Oolong Tea

TGY24 Premium Tie Guan Yin USD35/KG

WYB32 Rougui Oolong Tea Waishan USD32/KG

Popular Low Price scented Tea

MDA25 Jasmine Green Tea Spring Tips USD20/KG

All the prices were for the teas of 2011. A certain discount can be allowed for any orders more than 20KG per variety so they are even much cheaper if purchased in large quantity. 2012 Prices will be published subsequently when the 2012 new teas are available.

We will continue to try our best to find more kinds of good teas at low price in the future because only by doing so we can let more and more people to afford and enjoy tea. We will publish such report every year on TeaSeek and we wish the list can be expanded next year.

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