Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Latest News About 2012 Crop Tea

The 2012 crop of Longjing, Biluochun, Huangshan Mao Feng and Huoshan Huangya are all available, mostly are now Mingqian teas:

Mingqian first flush Huangshan Maofeng(harvested in 28th March) 

Mingqian Huangshan Maofeng(harvested in 3th April) 

Mingqian LJ230 Longjing(harvested in 3th April)    

Mingqian first flush Biluochun(harvested in 20th March)    

Mingqian Biluochun(harvested in 30th March)

Mingqian Biluochun(harvested in 2th April)             

Mingqian first flush Huoshan Huangya(harvested in 28th Match)  

Mingqian Huoshan Huangya(harvested in 2th April) 

The Biluochun are all authentic, produced in Dongshan, Dongting, Suzhou.

The Mingqian first flush Huangshan Maofeng and Huoshan Huangya will soon be sold out and the first flush Biluochun has been less than 1KG.

The first flush lu An Gua Pian will be available in about 2 days while Taiping Houkui about 10 days.

Huangshan Yun Wu will come to the market until May.

18th April Update:

Now, there are the following teas of 2012 crops have been just available in stock:

Keemun aromatic snail

Keemun gift hong mao feng

Qimen golden needle

Imperial Yunnan Black tea

Supreme Yunnan Gold Bud

Supreme Yunnan Golden Needle

Supreme Yunnan Golden Snail 

Special Huangshan Maofeng(harvested in 4th April)

Huangshan Maofeng 1st (harvested in 10th April) 

Pre Rain Huangshan Maofeng(harvested in 13th April)

Ding Gu Da Fang Green Tea

Premium Tunlu Green Tea

20th April Update:

Huangshan Yun Wu Green Tea is now just available in stock.

Huangshan Yun Wu is one of our most popular and economical teas sold in large quantity each year. It is at the same price as last year USD35/KG. Discounts can be allowed to orders above 10KG. Pls contact us at

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