Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Best Selling Tea in 2012

The following teas are listed according to the statistics of their sales value in 2012. We would have done it by the sales quantity but after reconsideration, we think it may be more appropriate by sale value and finally decided to do so. We showed up to 30 kinds of teas here. They are no doubt our best selling teas in the 2012. Although we don't think the sales value of the tea is defintely proportional to its quality, we think, in any case, such a report will help our customers to decide which teas they would purchase from us in the coming years.

The Best Selling Black Tea:

TA75 Premium Qimen Mao Feng
DX24 Keemun Mao Feng
DHC76 Imperial Yunnan Black Tea
DHC35 Supreme Yunnan Gold Bud
DHC17 Supreme Yunnan Golden Snail
LAP34 Smoked Lapsang Souchong Premium Grade
LAM23 Jin Jun Mei Tea Waishan

The Best Selling Green Tea:

RMF52 Huangshan Mao Feng 1st Grade
PMF23 Pre Rain Huangshan Mao Feng
PHK08 Taiping Hou Kui Tea
CGP21 Liu An Gua Pian(Melon Seed Tea)
LJ230 Long Jing Tea(Dragon Well Tea)
DF91 Ding Gu Da Fang Tea
HYW01 Huangshan Yun Wu Tea(Semi-Wild)

The Best Selling Oolong Tea:

WYA02 Bei Dou Wuyi Oolong Tea
(Zhengyan Fo Guo Yan)
WYA53 Rou Gui Wuyi Oolong Tea
(Zhengyan Ma Tou Yan)
WYB43 Premium Da Hong Pao
WYB02 Rou Gui Wuyi Oolong Tea
(Waishan High Mountain)
WYB72 Shuixian Wuyi Oolong Tea
(Waishan Zhuli)
FDZ54 Mi Lan Xiang Phoenix Oolong
TGY24 Premium Tie Guan Yin Oolong

The Best Selling White Tea:

BY01 Silver Needle White Tea
BYP12 White Bud Puerh Tea
WPT01 Superfine White Peony Tea

The Best Selling Yellow Tea:

PYB34 Premium Huoshan Huang Ya

The Best Selling Dark Tea:

PRR34 Aged Royal Ripe Puerh Tea 
PRT02 1990s Wild Arbor Ripe Puerh Tea

The Best Selling Scented Tea:

MDN34 Jasmine Silver Needle Tea
MDZ01 Jasmine Pearl Tea


  1. Hi.
    There is a mistake in this post.
    You've indicated Yellow tea as white:
    The Best Selling White Tea:
    PYB34 Premium Huoshan Huang Ya

  2. Thank you very much for pointing out it.

    I have rectified it.