Sunday, March 17, 2013

The current prices of the 2013 first crops high end Chinese green teas:

West Lake Dragon Well:

1.Meijiawu(梅家坞)Cultivar 43, harvested on 12th March:  USD640/KG
2.Longwu(龙坞) Cultivar 43, harvested on 10th March: USD390/KG

3.Meijiawu(梅家坞) Qunti Cultivar(Native Mixed Cultivar), harvested on 21th March: USD650/KG(Updated on 21th Mar)
4.Shi Feng(狮峰)Qunti Cultivar(Native Mixed Cultivar), harvested on 21th March: USD900/KG(Updated on 21th Mar)
Dongting Biluochun:
5.Dongshan(东山)harvested on 10th March:  USD530/KG

Anji Baicha:
6. hengqianshan(恒乾山)harvested on 12th March:  USD350/KG

Pls note:

1. All the above teas are in very limited quantities especially Meijiawu Dragon Well (harvested on 12th Mar) which is now only of about 5KG. So if you need, pls pay to our PAYPAL account: (The amount equals to the price*the quantity, the minimum order quantity is combined 300grams, 100grams per kind) asap. For Meijiawu Dragon Well (harvested on 12th Mar), we suggest you pay prior to 20th Mar or it would be probably sold out.

2. As all the above teas are in very limited quantities, no samples would be provided. Pls don't send sample request to us. We recommend you purchase small amount if you aren't familiar with them. For tea dealers, we suggest you do in a prudent way as the teas are very expensive and have a small target market. 

3. We will ship within 4-8 days after we get your payment by EMS Express of China Post.  It is expected to arrive in 7 days after the shipment. The courier fee will be covered by ourselves and won't be charged additionally on you. If the tea is sold out, we would refund your payment via PAYPAL.

4. The first crop Shi Feng Dragon Well(狮峰龙井) of Qunti Cultivars(群体种) are expected to be available on 23th Mar. We would make updates here.

5. The teas are by default to be packed in 100grams alminium foil bags.  The smallest packing size can be of 50grams upon your request.

6. You can send email to to contact us.

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