Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Jing Mai Shan- A Place A Pu Erh Tea Lover Shouldn't Miss

According to what we know, most of Pu Erh Tea lovers would wish to visit Yunnan province and have a look at the ancient tea trees. For most of foreign tea lovers, it seems rather difficult unless you follow a local tourist guide or join a tea tour. For most of the places in Yunnan province, it is not easy to access without the help of a local tourist guide while there is an exception. This place is called Jing Mai Shan (Jing Mai Shan Mountain or just Jing Mai, Shan literally mean mountain in Chinese). It has vast area of ancient tea gardens. If you love pu erh tea, you would not get bored even staying there for quite a few days. Going there during the tea harvesting season, you may also see tea plucking carried out by the local minority ethnics. If you are lucky, they may allow you to pluck the fresh tea leaves and learn the way of making tea.
Jing Mai Shan (Jing Mai Shan Mountain), one of the historical Six Tea Mountains, is located in Huiming Township, Lang Cang Luhu Minority Autonomous County, Yunnan Province. The history of growing tea there can date back to more than 2000 years ago. There are nine villages formed by local Bulang, Dai and Haini Minorities named Jingmai, Mangjing, Manghong and etc in Jing Mai Shan. At an elevation between 1100 and 1662 meters above sea level, the ancient tea gardens there total 16173 mu (1078 hectares), the biggest area among the historical Six Tea Mountains.
Several years ago, due to the road condition, the access to Jing Mai Shan was very tough. However, the road condition was dramatically improved during the recent years. Now, Jing Mai Shan is one of the places nearest to the airport. In Jing Mai Shan, hotel is not common yet. You may need to stay in Meng Hai County and then take a taxi to Jing Mai Shan. As far as what we know, Jing Mai Shan is one of such best place where whether tourists or professional tea businessmen can enjoy a pleasant tour.

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